“I love ceramics, flames licking the earth and enamel flowing over to envelop the form”.
Ceramics are about desire and sensuality. I think that my work is increasingly moving in this direction; producing functional objects, certainly, but looking for a kind of elegance, of pleasure. Flos is intimately linked with Italy’s extraordinary panorama of skills, unique in Europe. Italian ceramics had to be investigated, a first for the company. I feel that this wealth of skills and rigorous craftsmanship constitutes an expertise that must be kept alive and developed, and I am very happy to try to contribute to this.” – Ronan Bouroullec

Designed by Ronan Bouroullec, Céramique is a family of lamps that puts the spotlight on the quality of workmanship of the material Céramique is the new collection of lights designed by Ronan Bouroullec for Flos, composed of three table elements with ceramic body and diffuser, featuring a lead-free crystalline lacquered finish that highlights the (entirely handcrafted) surface.
The collection stems from the long experience the designer has developed on this material, appreciated for its strong expressive value and clear craftsmanship connotation.
Composed of three elements – a base, stem, and a cap – each lamp is characterized by a configuration that changes by simply moving the position of the cap to obtain an ever-changing type of illumination. The distinguishing feature is the connecting blade (or stem) between the base and the diffuser: this element unites the three members of the family, making them the protagonists of a single story. Each configuration is distinguished by the different luminous flux it generates, responding to a precise function: the down version creates a focused light, making it a practical reading and table lamp; the side version projects the light perpendicularly and is designed to illuminate a wall or a corner; the up version defines a comfortable and soft light and can be positioned on any horizontal surface to create indirect ambient lighting. Materiality is the outstanding feature that distinguishes these lighting creations with
their strong craftsmanship. With Céramique, Ronan Bouroullec projects manufacturing into a contemporary and essential dimension, consistent with the inspiration of his design.
Céramique is available in a sophisticated color palette of Moss Green, Navy Blue, and Rust Red.